This week at Saint Mary

  • Sunday, February 18th: 8:00 AM & 10:30 AM Mass-LOWC;  pick-up Café Mam orders; 10:30 AM Rite of Election and Rite of Sending.
  • Monday, February 19th: No Mass; President’s Day – parish office and church closed.
  • Tuesday, February 20th: No Mass; Noon Prayer Group;  1:00 PM Grief Group; 6:30 PM Adult Ed – Passages- a Natural Part of Life.
  • Wednesday, February 21st:  12:10 PM Mass; 3:30 PM Confessions; 3:45 PM RE K-5th Grade; 5:30 PM Finance Council; 6:00 PM MS Youth Group & 7:15 PM HS Youth Group.
  • Thursday, February 22nd:  12:10 PM Mass;  3:00 PM Bible Study at Fireside Coffee; 6:00 PM Spirit & Grace Choir.
  • Friday, February 23rd:  11:00 AM Mass at Hunter’s Pointe; 5:30 PM Lenten Evening Prayer followed by soup & bread; CYC Board in Butte.
  • Saturday, February 24th:  4:30 PM Vigil;  food drive starts.