About Us

Saint Mary Catholic Community, which celebrated its centennial in 2007, gathers for worship and prayer in the first church in the Diocese of Helena to be completely designed and built implementing the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II).  Our bishop at the time, Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen, himself one of the youngest bishops in attendance at Vatican II and the only surviving US bishop to have attended all four of its sessions, dedicated our present church building in August of 1965.

We value the call to ministry which is given to all in baptism, as we embrace the renewal and vision of Vatican II in all of our ministries, including liturgical life, faith formation, pastoral care and community outreach.

We call our parish Saint Mary Catholic Community most deliberately.  Community.  You can see it; you can feel it; you can hear it from the moment you enter our gathering space.  We are a community of disciples called to respond to God’s gift of faith, freely sharing what has been freely given, drawn deeply into the paschal mystery of Christ, as we strengthen God’s kingdom on earth.

Our pastor, Father Richard Francesco, was ordained in 1987.  He has served here since 2011 and looks forward to many more years with Saint Mary Catholic Community.  With his leadership, our parish has seen an increase in pastoral care outreach, with Friday celebrations of the Eucharist in six locations on a regular basis throughout the year.  We have also begun a ministry to welcome families experiencing homelessness to the social center of our church complex.  Additionally, as we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the dedication of our church on Missoula Avenue, we have begun construction of a community garden to benefit our neighbors.  It is our “Jubilee Garden,” providing common ground for the common good.

If you are looking for a church to call your home, we welcome you.

Saint Mary Catholic Community
1700 Missoula Avenue
Helena, MT 59601-3966
Phone: (406) 442-5268
Fax: (406) 449-0860




Staff Listings

Office Phone number:  (406) 442-5268

Father Richard Francesco

Phone ext. 106  ~  email:  rfrancesco@stmaryhelena.org

Deb Kralicek ~  Faith Formation/Pastoral Care Director

Phone ext. 103  ~  email:  dkralicek@stmaryhelena.org

Gail O’Loughlin  ~  Finance Director

Phone ext. 104  ~  email:  goloughlin@stmaryhelena.org

Eileen Brody ~ Liturgy/Music Director

Phone ext. 105 ~ email:  ebrody@stmaryhelena.org

Dawn Brannman~ Youth Ministry Director

Phone ext. 107 ~ email: dbrannman@stmaryhelena.org

Cliff Huff ~ Maintenance Director

Phone ext. 112 ~ email: chuff@stmaryhelena.org

Danielle Wood ~ Pastoral Office Coordinator

Phone ext. 101 ~  email:  dwood@stmaryhelena.org

Lori Mleko ~ Elementary RE Coordinator

Phone ext. 102 ~ email:  lorimleko@stmaryhelena.org

 Deacon Michael Seipp

Phone ext. 109 ~ email: mseipp@stmaryhelena.org



Archived Bulletins
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Change of address
If you have a change of address or are moving, please contact the office by phone, email or come in.



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