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Weekly Letter from Father Richard

As always, the liturgical year ends and begins in the same way as we contemplate the coming of Christ in glory someday. Today’s gospel message for the Solemnity of Christ the King reminds us that living in the fullness of God’s kingdom means being attentive to people who are hungry and thirsty. The same care is due to people from foreign lands, those in need of clothes, folks who are sick, and people in prison too.

Our challenge is to identify with all these people, or at least some of them, even as we may say that we have nothing in common. The thing we do have in common is that Jesus identifies with all of us. The Eternal Word became flesh, born in the person of Jesus: one of us, one for us, one like us in all things but sin. If Jesus Christ who is perfect, almighty and all-knowing can identify with people like us who are imperfect, weak, and let’s face it, ignorant of so much, why then can we not identify with one another in our common humanity? What’s more, if we cannot identify with one another, how dare we say that we identify with Christ who is so far above us in every way?

Great thanks to Monsignor Joe Harrington for celebrating Mass and hearing confessions here at Saint Mary this week. He always enjoys coming here, and I certainly understand why. Thank you all for your welcome to him. This week I have taken the opportunity to spend some days on pilgrimage in Lourdes. I have taken with me all the hopes expressed in the book of prayer intentions we use in the parish.

Father John Robertson is scheduled to be here for the celebration of our parish Mass of Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 26th at 5:30 pm. I am grateful to him for his help too. The daily practice of gratitude is one of the best ways to grow in the spiritual life. It is such an available practice. We don’t need special words. In giving thanks, we acknowledge that we are not alone and that we need one another.

The Thanksgiving bread we bless and share is a reminder of all that we have received. I hope you can use the bread and the accompanying prayer at your Thanksgiving table this year.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Father Richard 

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Parish Outreach

Our parish is a supporter of a number of outreach organizations in town, including:

Catholic Social Services: 442-4130

Guided by a commitment to respect for life, CSSM serves the varied needs of mothers, babies and children by building and strengthening families in Montana.

Good Samaritan Ministries: 442-0780

Supports family life in our community and enhance human dignity with services to meet the physical health, social, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and families.

God’s Love: 442-7000

Supports homeless in our community and helps provide food and shelter.

Friendship Center: 442-6800

Supports victims of domestic violence and/or sexual abuse with a broad range of support at no charge.

Helena Food Share: 443-3663

Creating a hunger free community with emergency food boxes monthly and daily produce and breads.

Options Women’s Clinic: 422-1011

Guided by a commitment to respect for life, Options offers a wide range of health care services to women free of charge.

 If the good work of any of these organizations resonates with your desire to serve, please feel free to contact them—and please mention that you are from Saint Mary Catholic Community.